ZPP Plant List

Zabeel's gamut of services is spread across all the domains of Sheetfed Offset Printing, Web Offset Printing and Digital Printing; with all the supporting finishing facilities, and Highly qualified and experienced staff capable of handling all of these equipment.

Pre Press

 Remote Job Submission
  • Xinet Webnative Application
  • Microtek
 Screen Computer to Plate System (CtP)
  • Trueflow with Flatworker imposition
  • Fully automatic Thermal Platesetter
  • Power Mac G5 (5)
  • PC Workstations (3)
  • 5 Lacie & Eizo Calibrated 21" colour monitors
  • 2 Epson 9800 digital proofers with GMG Dot Proof & EFI 3.0 Rip
 Calibration Tools
  • Profile Maker 5 Publish
  • EyeOne IO
  • EyeOne Design
  • IC Plate
  • DensiEye
 Dedicated Servers
  • HP Prolaint ML 350 Server with Tape Drive
  • Apple Xserve 3.0 Ghz with Raid Controller with 3.5 T/b

  • Xinet WebNative Application for file transfer
  • Adobe Creative CS2 for Mac
  • Adobe Creative CS2 for Pc
  • Quark Xpress for Mac & PC
  • Macromedia Freehand for Mac & PC
  • Preps Imposition Software

Xinet WebNative is the dynamic digital asset management environment that dramatically streamlines the collection, access, production, distribution and archiving of graphic media for advertising, publishing and corporate communications. This cross - platform system accelerates the creative and production workflow by breaking down barriers between staff, vendors and clients - providing powerful tools that can be used to automate notification, distribution and production.


 SYSTEM 38/625 S II 625mm-Cutoff Sixteen-Page Web 6/6 Color Komori Web Offset Press Features
  • Fully integrated Ink duct preset system
  • Inline Spot or Full UV varnishing facility at speeds of 25,000 iph
  • Inline Silicon application for both sides of web
  • Inline Single-line text or numbering by Ink Jet Printer
  • Spine Softener - Patent of Komorie
  • Inline Folder with quick changeover system
  • Inline option for sheeting (bypassing folding). This makes the machine a normal 12 color Sheet Fed Press, which is a great advantage for taking short runs.
  • Trained Staff from UK
  • Ideally suited for mass production of magazines, publications, brouchures and catalogues
 Other machines
  • Komori Lithrone 40, 5 color 70 x 100cms with PQC
  • Roland Record 4 color 70 x 100cms with CPC
  • Komori Lithrone, 4 color, 50 x 70cms with CPC
  • Komori Spica, 4 color, 50 x 70 cms with CPC
  • Komori 28, 5 color, 50 x 70 cms with CPC
  • Komori Sprint, 2 color, 50 x 70cms
  • Heidelberg GTO 52, 2 color
  • Heidelberg GTO 52, 1 color
  • Heidelberg GTO 46, 2 color

Post Press

Fully automated Perfect Binding line from Japan, including 3 Knife Trimming Gathering and Section Sewing, with matching speeds of the Printing Line. Books are trimmed in a pile. The pile is tightly registered prior to trimming, and registration is maintained during insertion and ejection. The cutting angle of the front knife nears the cutting angle of a guillotine, providing for a neater front edge trim. High and constant output that can be completed in subsequent steps, to fulfill all production requirements.

  • TSK – TMA 16 Automatic High Speed Adhesive Binding machine
  • TSA 3 – Three-Knife Trimmer
  • Automatic Case-Making and Lining Machine – CMC Italia
  • Automatic lines Laminators and case-makers, 70x110cm, 20pcs/min
  • Muller Martini, 6 station on line saddle stitching
  • Shoei Folding Machine, 70 x 100cms – 2 nos.
  • Polar Cutting Machine, 70 x 100cms
  • Polar Cutting Machine, 50 x 70cms
  • Heidelberg Cylinder (Semi Auto)
  • Die Cutting Machine (Manual 70 x 100cms)
  • Lamina Pasting Machine (70 x 100cms)
  • Numbering & Die Cutting Machine (Manual 25 x 35cms)
  • Heidelberg Numbering, Foiling, Die Cutting (Semi Auto 25 x 35cms)
  • Spot UV Varnishing Machine
  • Gold Foiling Machine
  • Kluge Gold Foiling and Embossing Machine
  • Lamination Machine – cold (2 nos.)
  • Lamination Machine – thermal
  • Three Knife Trimmer.
  • Perfect Binding Machine
  • Saddle Stitching Machine
  • Hohner Orion IV 2 head manual stitching Machine
  • Morgana Hispeed Numbering Machine
Besides these, we have a host of other small machines and good strength of manpower to execute manual binding jobs.